Import Favourites From Internet Explorer.

This import tool will not work in internet explorer 9 and lower. Either import your favourites into chrome or firefox first (much faster), or use a different broswer - this method is actually very slow, dont worry if your browser pauses for a couple of minutes.

What To Do

Browse to your favourites using the "Choose Files" widget, head to your "Favourites" folder inside your user folder on your machine. (This is usually found at "C:\Users\...(your username)...\Favourites\".) More than one file may be selected at a time, altough files must have a *.url file name.

If there is no file browser widget when using Internet Explorer 10 or above, open "Compatibility View Settings" in the "Tools" menu and uncheck the box for "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View". Click "Close" on the dialog, then refresh this page.