Trusted company information for the Middle East & Africa

Diligencia is a specialist information services provider, focused on company data within emerging markets. Established in 2008, we use advanced technology and human insight to extract unstructured data on companies in territories where public domain information is not readily available. Clients rely on the combination of our technical retrieval skills and data curation to establish unequivocal facts upon which intelligence is built and decisions become informed. Headquartered in Oxford, Diligencia has offices in Morocco and the UAE, coordinating our data gathering activities across emerging markets.

TRUST is a membership platform designed to inspire growth through the clarity it brings to company and shareholder information within MENA and sub-Saharan Africa. Our platform is used in multiple contexts; for investor planning, business development, due diligence, KYC, dispute resolution and supporting credit assessments. Trusted by consultancies, lawyers, banks, and corporates, our mission is serving clients a clear view of the facts, supporting a solid foundation for their decision-making. Our ClarifiedBy asterisk is a symbol of assurance that the information we provide is both reliable and accurate.


What we do

Our data engineers and analysts gather and build proprietary information, forming the foundation of our clients’ intelligence, be it compliance and due diligence reporting, customer prospecting, or market research. Always starting at the source with the original local language of registration, we systematically extract data from official registries, online resources and document-based records and then meticulously clean, analyse and update our records to ensure that we provide accurate information that our clients can rely on. Our vision is to bring clarity to a region poorly served by reliable and accessible public record information.