About us


Diligencia was established in 2008 by Nouri Bakkali. With over 20 years of experience in sourcing and compiling company information on the Arab world, his vision for the company from the outset was to bring clarity to a region poorly served by reliable and accessible public record information.

Since 2008 the company has grown steadily by supplying the data needed by clients in the business intelligence sector, credit agencies and compliance teams in order to make informed decisions.  During that time we have also accumulated a wealth of information which we house in our proprietary database, enabling us to provide clear insight into the relationships that underpin business activity across the Middle East and Africa.


  • We have provided support to over 7,000 client assignments across the entire Middle East & North Africa region
  • Our team is based between Oxford (UK), Tangier (Morocco) and Dubai (UAE)
  • The majority of our 60+ employees speak a combination of Arabic, Farsi, French and Portuguese as well as English
  • We cover the 68 countries of the Arab world, Iran and Africa
  • Our database holds over 5.5 million comprehensive company records

Our Values


We believe access to accurate information promotes stable economies, which provide the bedrock for growth.  We want the facts we present to help inform decisions, affirm relationships and ultimately support the economies we serve.

Our values sit at the heart of what we do and how we do it:

Authenticity – our information is authentic because we revert to original and official data sources to establish unequivocal facts. Our mission is to uncover fresh business intelligence every day and to develop ways we can make authentic information quicker and easier to access for everyone.

Tenacity – we work hard to access data, sometimes in markets where there is no central registry of company information or where it exists only in hard copy, sometimes where data sets are scattered and so require meticulous indexing and analysis to present clear and comprehensive information.  Our company history and the ethos of our employees speak of tenacity, of persistence and the determination to provide our clients with the information they need for their decisions to become informed.

Relationships – the relationships between the organisations and individuals on our database unlock the power of our information; through the tenacity of our team we have established the connections between individuals and companies which allow our clients to make clear decisions. Similarly, the relationships we have with our clients, our employees, our suppliers and our host governments are also key to our future success.