Is Covid-19 accelerating Cameroon’s digital transformation?

August 24, 2020

Cameroon’s telecommunications sector has made significant advances in recent years. In support of the country’s goal of ‘economic emergence’ by 2035, the government introduced new telecommunications and e-strategy policies in 2016, which have resulted in significant improvements to the country’s digital infrastructure. Deployment of fibre-optic cables now covering over 90% of the country has dramatically […]

Cameroon’s banking sector – weathering the storms of Covid-19 and low oil prices

July 22, 2020

The size of Cameroon’s economy and its central location in the African continent make it an influential country in the Central Africa Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC). Similarly, Cameroon’s banking industry tends to take a leading role at the Bank of Central Africa States (BEAC), which functions as the country’s apex monetary authority, as well […]