Diligencia’s ClarifiedBy.com partners with Arachnys

We are pleased to announce that ClarifiedBy.com’s proprietary MENA company information is now available to Arachnys customers via its Investigator and D3 platforms.

This partnership is designed to enhance Arachnys’ capabilities in the MENA region by placing Diligencia’s trusted and accurate company information alongside the range of other sources that Investigator and D3 carry.

Nouri Bakkali, founder and CEO of Diligencia, commented: “I have been impressed by the way Arachnys is using technology to disrupt the traditional model of delivering due diligence.  In a similar way ClarifiedBy.com is looking to give our customers easy access to curated public record information from the MENA region that has not traditionally been available online.”

ClarifiedBy.com is currently available as Company Search (both in English and Arabic) in Arachnys Investigator, with individual corporate interests searches and litigation checks all available on request.  There is a limit to the number of searches which can be made by Arachnys customers without a ClarifiedBy.com subscription.