It’s the sources, stupid

As some of you will have noticed, this year is Diligencia’s tenth anniversary and in Nouri’s post about the early days of the company he set out one of the guiding principles of how we compile our company information, namely only using official sources.

The emphasis we place on authentic company information is still absolutely core to our methodology today, and arguably even more important in an age where online directories, social media and self-reported information can often provide multiple versions of ‘the truth’.

It is also the reason that in our recent release on we now include the sources of all our information (in English and local language) next to the respective data fields.  This has also been a consistent theme of client feedback since we launched our online platform so we are delighted to make this feature available to our members.

This new development comes hand in hand with a new downloadable PDF format for our company profiles which sets out the information more visually, is easier to navigate and again highlights the sources of all the facts that we gather.

We are eager to hear your feedback on these and other recent improvements we have made to the platform, so please feel free to get in touch.