Sub Saharan Africa | 2017 Best Performing Companies

In anticipation of what 2018 will prove in the battle of the brands, we take a look at the best performers in 2017.  Four key metrics were used: liquidity, solvency, return on assets and profit margin.  Last year, South African companies continued their domination of the best-performing companies on the continent.

Company Market Cap(US$ th)
Bowler Metcalf 41,094
Truworths International 2,645,520
Cognition Holdings 13,860
Padenga Holdings 1,646
Spur Corporation 241,886
Africa Media Entertainment 38,336
Mix Telematics 207,063
Silverbridge Holdings 6,150
Sasini 59,288
Nation Media Group 206,954
Metrofile Holdings 138,837
Delta Corporation 16,007
Reunert 983,613
Seed Co 3,554


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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash