We’ve relaunched ClarifiedBy.com!

For the past three years ClarifiedBy.com has been providing best-in-class data on organisations and shareholders in the Middle East and Africa.  During that time, we have listened to our clients’ feedback and are proud to deliver a redesigned improved platform. 


Let’s look through the biggest changes: 

 Effortless search 

  • Search results now appear in an easy to navigate list.  
  • You can quickly see the profile’s status and if the profile is full or partial.   
  • Filtering options for Status, Sector, Country and City all appear to the left-hand side of the results list and all selected filters show as buttons at the top which are easily dismissible.   


Unlocking profiles 

  • Profiles now need to be unlocked before becoming accessible.  This means you know exactly when you are using Views.  You will only see the summary page until the profile is unlocked*; all other tabs including the network diagram appear following unlock.   
  • An unlocked until date automatically appears and applies to everyone in your company, so you know exactly how many days the profile is still available for. 


Managing your account 

  • Dashboard has been replaced with “Your account” which is your personalised area for viewing Visited Profiles through to editing Your details.   
  • “Your company” provides details on your company account, such as the remaining balance of Views and Update credits through to a list of all your company administrators** 
  • An Add-on tab shows additional product subscriptions which apply e.g. Family Offices. If you are an administrator, you will have access to additional tabs in Your company to Manage Users and see your company’s Transaction and Purchase history. 


If you’re an existing client, we hope that you like the look of our new site and you can find all the information you need We welcome your feedback – please let us know what your think of these new features and if you experience any problems. 

If you are new to ClarifiedBy.com and would like to find out more, please contact us.

*Unlocked profiles are accessible for 30 days  

**Company administrators are no longer limited to one