What We Do


At Diligencia we gather and build proprietary information which forms the foundation of our clients’ intelligence.  This information, together with our deep knowledge of the business environment in MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa, can help shape strategy and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.  The types of projects we are well placed to take on include:

  • Sector mapping
  • Benchmarking studies
  • Stakeholder analysis


We are able to provide actionable, fact-based insights into your counterparties based on a range of official documentary evidence as well as our network of well-placed sources across the region.  On a strictly confidential basis we can identify and speak to a range of sources who are able to provide fact-based comment on your counterparty in areas such as:

    • Track record
    • Political exposure
    • Regulatory status
    • Assets held


A key part of building trust in the supply chain is to establish integrity and openness in all communications.  Our methodology gives buyers assurance around the resilience and integrity of their supply chain, and offers opportunities to vendors to differentiate themselves as trusted providers in the marketplace.  This methodology comprises:

    • ClarifiedBy accreditation programme, using the ClarifiedBy seal as a sign of their commitment to integrity and openness
    • Supplier profiles based on verified corporate registration data and client testimonials
    • Sectoral communities of trusted and accredited suppliers
    • Open data around supply chain relationships



Headquartered in Oxford, Diligencia also has regional offices in Tangier, Morocco and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Our team of more than 60 multi-lingual analysts is committed to accessing, clarifying and categorising accurate information from authentic sources in the region, which then forms the basis of our clients’ sound decision making and commercial success.

We provide company information in 67 countries across MENA (including Iran) and Sub-Saharan Africa.


We gather raw public record data from a range of official sources across MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa.  We then rigorously clean, index, analyse and cross-reference that data to build accurate and comprehensive company records.  Our sources include:

  • Public liaison offices of government ministries
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Official gazettes
  • Investment authorities
  • Economic free zones
  • Land registries
  • Federal and local courts
  • Private databases
  • Authorised legal intermediaries