Who will stand to benefit from the lifting of sanctions on Sudan?

This week the US government announced that it was lifting its longstanding sanctions on trade with Sudan. In one of Obama’s final acts in office, the US will adopt a new approach to Sudan – allowing more freedom of trade with American companies in return for a range of political and security cooperation measures by Khartoum.

Whilst this move is unlikely to see a dramatic rise in international trade with Sudan – the banks in particular are likely to take a cautious approach if recent experience with Iran is repeated – key sectors in the country are set to benefit, namely agriculture, raw materials and infrastructure, among others.

We had a look at the companies in Sudan that our subscribers to ClarifiedBy.com have been searching for over the last three months:

  • Nile Cement Company
  • Faisal Islamic Bank
  • Sudatel (Sudan Telecommunication Company)
  • Creative Petroleum Services
  • Warm Seas Industry & Investment Company Ltd
  • Zain Sudan (Sudanese Mobile Telephone Company Limited)
  • Liberty Steel Company
  • MTN Sudan
  • Al Tayyar International Limited
  • Carawan Holding Company

Tariq Ali is from Sudan and is the Associate Director of Research at Diligencia. ClarifiedBy.com is the most sought after online source of company information on the Middle East & North Africa region, brought to you by Diligencia.

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